Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spanish 1001: Chapter 2 review

Specific objectives: Students should . . .

Identify family-related terms and expressions

Express (both verbally and orthographically) age with numbers up to 100

Demonstrate some fundamental cultural knowledge

Prepare for Quiz

Results on September 22, 2010: I feel that today went exceptionally well. I set up a jeopardy-based powerpoint to review the major concepts, including a column for culture (some reading for which was assigned as homework). I had the teams working together but, instead of a race to state the answer first, I had each time write the correct answer to the question. This gave an opportunity for all of the students to participate (as they discussed the answers among themselves) and allowed everyone an opportunity to succeed. Thus, I think the class was both useful/informative and enjoyable, as well as a good confidence booster for the quiz.

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