Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Family Logic Puzzle

This puzzle (translated into Spanish, of course) is an exercise I use in teaching family terms. I convert the names into typical Spanish names and have modified some of the descriptions to include a bit of Spanish culture.

Can you help me figure out my family tree? There are two grandparents, who had two children, who both got married and had 2 more children each. Totaling 10 people in all (Alex, David, Jamie, Jessica, John, Justin, Lincoln, Martha, Mary and Tina).

1. One of Jamie's ancestors was David.

2. John's sister gave birth to Tina.

3. Mary baked flan with her nephew last Saturday.

4. Alex visited one of his primas at Christmas and shot off fireworks.

5. Justin married Mary.

6. Jessica is not an ancestor, nor cousin of Tina.

7. Lincoln's brother played soccer with Justin's son.

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