Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spanish 1001: Beginning Chapter 2

Specific objectives: Students should. . .

Understand basic family vocabulary
Ask and express ages verbally
Use numbers up to one hundred in those expressions of age.

I decided that the best way to talk about the family was to use examples from my own. I prepared a series of photos (pulled from Facebook) with various members of my family. I planned things so that, where possible, I could introduce one or two family members then use another picture with them and some other family members, showing a natural progression of building outward. (i + 1 model) For example, I first showed a picture of me with my wife, then one with the two of us together with my brother, his wife and their son, then one with all of them plus my parents.

Results on September 20, 2010: I feel as though today’s class went fairly well. I got every student to speak briefly about a member of their family, including telling their age and having them ask another student a similar question. While that particular activity might have taken a bit too long (maybe I should divide the class in halves next time), I think it really helped to engrain these new terms and concepts for them.

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