Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Spanish 1001 Chapter 2 day 2: Family in practice

Specific objectives: Students should

Understand basic information about family members

Be able to express information about their own family members

Today, to make sure they could work with family terms in a written context, I gave them a family-based logic puzzle in which they had to fill in a blank family tree based on clues. Having organized the students into teams, the new teams set to work to be the first group finished. After each team finished, I assigned the students to each write a brief description of their family, using the new nationality vocabulary and other adjectives.

Results on September 21, 2010: While some of the students were mildly frustrated by the end of the logic puzzle (I recognize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but every student has a different learning style), even that frustration may help them to lock in the vocab. Their comprehension was good as were their writing samples. In general, I think it went fairly well, in spite of a small mistake I made in my directions for the logic puzzle (I took 5 points off from myself, turning the situation into one of humor rather than frustration).

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